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Your PC to purchase their favorite parts of myself, I will assemble the PC only driver basically. It is thought that considering to reverse this, that it might be to some extent can be broken down only by the driver.
The kit built computers that are sold well, parts such as the following: This set.
(Because I think the only PC experiments this time, It excludes or OS keyboard.)

It is the brain of the computer.
It is the mother existence literally connecting the individual parts.
Remembers the current job.
Leave and accumulate a variety of data.
Optical drive
It is a storage device that can replace such as a CD or DVD.
This is the box that houses the parts.
Power supply
I will convert the direct current electricity, such as 5V or 12V used by the PC of 100V AC electric supplied from the electrical outlet.
Graphics board
It is a processing unit that specializes in the processing of the screen display. In some cases, it is installed on the motherboard. If you want a game, you might want to speed up and put the board dedicated.
Sound Board
It is a processing unit that specializes in the processing of sand. It is installed on the motherboard usually. It does not include a board dedicated as long as it is not a man of music-related.

In this section, you will challenge how far can be decomposed only driver(and hand).

Decompose PC

This time, personal computer to be private in the experiment is the product was released from Lenovo in 2006, called Think Centre M51 Ultra Small. It seems to have been desktop personal computer is very small at the time.

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