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For component extracted by this decomposition, summarizes the content were examined.
Ruler of the photograph is a 0.5mm 1 scale. I can see that there is a very small part inside.

Constant voltage diode
Diodes are devices which current flows only in a certain direction.
But, electricity flows when a voltage is applied above a certain level in the opposite direction, yet has the property that the voltage is constant, this constant voltage diode.
Voltage control will be possible.
Diode chip
It is the diode into chips to be mounted on the substrate.
Function of the details are unknown.
Chip transistor
Transistors are devices which are combined in a sandwich of two semiconductors having different properties.
I can increase or (amplification) the flow of electricity, ON-OFF or to (switch).
Power transistor
Transistor general can not be used only in the range of a few volts.
It is used when the flow of electricity more power transistor.
Chip resistor
Through the difficult to flow electricity, resistance to adjust the current and voltage.
Characters that are printed on the surface represents the resistance value.
Detailed reading will be omitted, but I will read as follows.
u‚P‚O‚Svc10~10 power 4¨10Kƒ¶
u‚R‚R‚Ovc33~10 power 0¨33ƒ¶
u‚Q‚q‚QvcR is mƒ¶¨2.2mƒ¶
Set resistance
It has become one electronic component together multiple resistance of the chip.
Chip capacitor
Capacitor is part sandwiching an insulator between two electrodes.
By charge or reservoir by applying a voltage to the electrodes to discharge the electric charge accumulated, it can eliminate the noise and stable voltage.
There are many kinds of capacitor, photograph is a multilayer ceramic capacitor. It is the one that put the ceramics in the gap of the plurality of electrodes, was baked and stacked in many layers.
Capacitor (multi-element array)
It has become one electronic component together multiple chip capacitor above.
Coil combination of electricity and magnetism, and the variety of work the stabilization of the current, and voltage conversion.
Coil (small)
When you removed, I was not aware, but it was discovered at the time of the classification work. A little excitement.
Copper wire has been wound nine times in the range of less than 1mm.
Multilayer ceramic varistor
Electricity does not flow when the low voltage, but there is a property that electricity flows suddenly multiplied by the high voltage varistor.
When a high voltage suddenly came to an electronic circuit, such as static electricity, and ground the varistor through, to protect the circuit.
It is part of the over-current protection. Electricity will be less likely to flow resistance increases rapidly with increasing temperature is too electrical flow.
I understand there are no parts in unfamiliar, and because it was riding on picture book by chance.
Parts taken out this time, it is the part you do not know only.
Investigation is ongoing.
Piezoelectric speaker
It is a part of playing a sound by vibrating the air force to use the element that is deformed to be a voltage is applied, the deformation.
By the way, the scale "La" has sounded the sound by repeating the ON / OFF of the voltage very fast so 440Hz.
Crystal oscillator
It vibrates at a specific frequency to be applying a voltage to the crystal.If the computation time by using this vibration, you can create a watch of high accuracy.
Integrated circuit1
It is to combine a plurality of elements, and a one piece.
There are benefits than it make on the substrate electronic circuit similar, are summarized as an integrated circuit.
Integrated circuit2
Also an integrated circuit, there is one that is integrated into one element of several thousand pieces inside.Formerly, was known as LSI(large-scale integrated circuit) With integrated 1,000 or more.
CPU is also one of the integrated circuit, the number of elements seems to be 700 million 74 million pieces a modern CPU.
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