Why to decompose personal computerThe purpose of this site

Machinery of around us

Life of our modern are supported by a lot of our machine. I feel very inconvenient car, air conditioning, TV, and mobile phones, not just any one.
Personal computer is present must be in order to gather information, utilization, processing, and transmits in that. People who not live without PC also I think in get inside.

The history of the personal computer

First, I will summarize briefly the history of the personal computer commercial in Japan.

Late 1970s
PC-8001 of NEC, MZ-80K of Sharp, and BasicMaster of Hitachi, 8-bit personal computer was released.
Early 1980s
FM-8/7 of Fujitsu, X1 of Sharp, and SMC-777 of Sony, 8-bit personal computer is available from various companies, to greet the heyday of short 8-bit personal computer.
PC9800 series is sold by NEC, I entered an era of 16-bit personal computer.By adopting the MS-DOS as OS, PC9800 you will be win the personal computer market in Japan for a long time.
Adopted the PC / AT standard of IBM, PC / AT compatible machine flows from abroad, PC9800 series of proprietary went lost its market gradually. I will continue to migrate to 32-bit personal computer gradually 16-bit personal computer by this.
Window95 was released from Microsoft, PC of some enthusiasts began to spread personal computers to the general home.
In addition, ATX standard, which is a new personal computer standard is announced by Intel, after this, I will be many manufacturers to produce a personal computer in this standard.
NEC's ability to complete transition to PC98-NX series is a PC / AT compatible machine from PC9800 series of proprietary, Japan PC history has been incorporated into the world personal computer history.
1998 or later
New OS was released one after the other and Windows98/Me/2000/XP/Vista from Microsoft, it will be era of WindowsOS long lasting.
The hardware, Pentium series of Intel is a x86 architecture dominated the market, and it continues to evolve every year performance.

Question to a PC current

PC The current surprise in spite of many parts have been used in high-performance, to being sold cheap surprising.
Personal computer was very expensive also, seems to have succeeded in reducing costs by combining an inexpensive parts are standardized in the old days.
Thanks that is standardized, you can You can add peripherals variety, it is more convenient machine to the PC simple . Also, I heard from by exchanging parts also inside the computer, and can be modified to a PC that is powered up simple .

Book but verification by decomposing the actual contents of the PC is said to be simple , whether really easy unexpectedly it is the purpose of the site.

Extended with peripheral devices

I will add as a machine to increase the useful function by PC peripherals personal computer. Currently, it is used most standard USB that it is.
I will not go for the peripheral equipment in this site.

Internal structure of the personal computer

The personal computer itself current with a focus on ATX standard I have made based. (Super) the figure below is a simple internal structure of the personal computer. I will continue to focus on the parts that have been standardized these in this site.