ReferenceThe material that was taken care of


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For component extracted by this decomposition, summarizes the content were examined.

It is a plug-in that enables you to quickly create a slide show with jQuery
Official site
It is a plug-in that enables you to quickly create a quiz using jQuery. Information that is discussed in Japanese is small, it is necessary to study Before you can use. However, I am satisfied workmanship so beautiful.
Official site


Home Page Builder
It is one of the most famous soft as website builder. Homepage decent can even a person to challenge for the first time to the home page making.
Kantan WEB Animation3
I've used to create Flash animation on the top page. By using this software without any knowledge of Flash, the top page is cool.
Ralpha Image Resizer
It is very convenient to batch process the image. The home page of this time, I am taking advantage of the photo so many. At first, one by one the same process I had to (such as resize), but it was the situation that is not enough even if there is how much time. Work efficiency was up by far to find this software under such circumstances.
Sukima sangyou
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