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The solder, I will melt at a relatively low temperature of an alloy of tin and lead. Temperature that melts at a rate mix of tin and lead changes. About 60% tin at a temperature lower most, it melts at about 180 .
There are eco-friendly as "lead-free solder" In recent years, silver and a small amount of copper has been mixed with tin. However, the melting temperature will melt at about 230 slightly higher.
I summarizes the metal that is used to solder below.

Atomic number Chemical symbol Melting point
Tin 50 Sn 231.93
Lead 82 Pb 327.46
Copper 29 Cu 1084.62
Silver 47 Ag 961.78


Degradation in the driver was relatively easy, most parts have been soldered to come.
In this case, remove the parts as much as possible by using a soldering iron, and examine what the part is attached.
Electronic components are also attached to the HDD or DVD, but I remove the parts for the motherboard which can be called the center of the personal computer power and large parts are often here.

Power supply

Because there is a part to which a high voltage is applied to the inside, decomposition does not allow you to easily As you can see in the driver ed power. Because the code is directly attached to the board, that the "degradation = it will not work" and seems to be basic.


It is the main enclosure of the PC which the various components, are on a lot. Component is smaller than the board of the power supply wiring is also small.
It is a tough, honest, in the soldering iron.

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