It is thesmallest unitof data thatdigital computermost of thedeal.
OS (Operating system)
It is asoftwarethat providesthebasic functionsto be usedin common, such as managementofmemoryanddiskfunctions andinput and output, such as screen outputandinputofthe keyboard, from theapplication softwareofmany, to manage theentire computer system.
16-bit operating systemsforpersonal computersthat Microsofthad developedand soldis(OS).
It is ageneral term forPCthat is compatible with theIBMPCwasreleased in1984 called "IBM PC / AT". 
It is one of theserialbusstandardfor connectingperipheral devicesto theinformationdevice such as a computer.
HDD (Hard disk)      
By high speed rotating disk coated with a magnetic material, to move the magnetic head, it is a type of auxiliary storage device for reading and recording information.
Is that of an electronic circuitwhich actsas the processing unitina central computer or the like. It is translated assuch asa central processing unitand thecentral processing unit.
It is that of a magnetic disk drive calleda hard disk or floppy diskdrive, for recordingpartsofa smoothdisk-shaped. 
An alloy of tin (tin), lead(Pb) (copper, silver, and so on), I willmeltat relatively low temperatures.Mainly, it has beenused, for example,adhesionof electronic components.
It is asubstancepassingelectricity wellagainst "insulator" imperviousand "electrical conductor", shows the intermediate propertiesofthem.
I have a property of electrical resistance decreases rapidly in electronic component with two electrodes, the electrical resistance is high when the voltage across the terminals is low, but the voltage is higher than a certain.

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